How does it work?

3D Laser Scanners use Lidar Technology to capture a mass amount of measurements and convey point clouds to 3D models and maps. Then advanced software enables the connection of them and translates data to concrete and accurate plans.

What are the advantages for your projects ?

  • Precise, hyper speed data collection. Reduce your Reworks
  • Complete and accurate documentation of “as-built” conditions. Improve your Decision Making !
  • Single Source of Truth (SST) for your stakeholders. Avoid disputes / mistakes from false interpretations
  • Never go back on-site to remeasure forgotten dimensions, thus eliminate your downtimes for site data
  • Control, compare and decide based on facts. Reduce your change orders, and use state of the art technology to mitigate time and cost overruns
  • Provides the base for your BIM models

Our Deliverables and Services

  • Registered Point-Clouds
  • “As-Built” or “As-is” documentation of infrastructure, and architecture or historical preservation: 2D – 3D CAD Drawings
  • Scan-2-BIM 3D Models
  • Topography Maps with Detailed Information
  • Site evolution supervision
    • Real-time data of the construction to share with stakeholders
    • Accurate 3D portrayal of your construction impact zone
  • Comparative and Deformation Analysis. Movement monitoring
  • Premeasurements and Measurements of executed works
  • Volume surveys
  • Capturing of the current state of neighboring structures (before and after works)
  • True-View with Panoramic photos overlaid on point cloud
  • 3D Virtual reality – Fly-in experience
  • Orthophotos and Impressive videos of your project

Why AB 3D Scanning ?

We leverage digital solutions with experience and expertise in the Architecture Engineering & Construction Business to provide you with the most accurate data of your site conditions in a fraction of time and price in comparison to classical methods, to establish a concrete base for your design planning, improve your project teamworking and increase your efficiency, while reducing errors and downtimes. Our 3D scanning services are structured not to add “another cost”. We use the state-of-the-art technology to trim your construction schedules and cut your costs.

Fields of our 3D Scanning Applications

Recent 3D Scanning Projects