Our Deliverables

Scan to BIM / 3D Models

Scan to CAD  , As-built    2D, 3D plans RVT, PLN, DGW

Capture of HVAC Installations / MEP Plans

Elevations, Orthophotos and impressive project videos

Certified timestamped Point Clouds, Mesh

Detailed Topographic Maps, Site Capturing

Real-time site data reporting to share

Measurement Capturing, Volumes calculations

Detailed Topographic Maps, Site Capturing

The device (RTC 360 from Leica in our case) using LIDAR technology, captures 2 million points per second at each setup, gradually creating a point cloud of billions of points. Every point practically has coordinates. At the same time, 360° photos are captured to provide color insights.
For a 1,000 m2 building for example, we might need around 200 setups and we expect a point cloud of 2.5 billion points.
Advanced software algorithms, combined with user expertise, transform the point clouds into a precise and well-cleaned 3D model, free of reflections and other unnecessary objects.
Subsequently, depending on the desired deliverables, further software is applied to create: CAD plans (DWG, ArchiCad and REVIT), 3D BIM models, ortho-images, Virtual Reality, visualization of buildings in real time, or even digital twins.

Recent Projects

3D Scan of building in Plainpalais

3D Scan of a complex of several buildings in Plainpalais to create 2D plans (façades, floor, sections, roof plans) and orthophotos.

3D Scanning Services

Plainpalais, Geneva

3D Scanning and CAD plans of an historical church

3D Scanning and CAD plans of an historical church.

Heritage 3D Scanning 

Corfu, Greece

Scan to BIM / 3D REVIT Model

Scan to BIM / 3D REVIT Model

Architecture – As-Built 

Geneva, Switzerland