We are a professional Reality Capturing company with vast experience in both studies and constructions that perceives clients’ requirements for reliable outcome.​

To respond to these ever growing demands we leverage knowledge with cutting edge technology to bring you the expected deliverables on time and in budget.​

We are flexible to adopt our services to all project scales and we are able to cover a big variety of fields and deliverables.

We adjust our team to the project’s needs to provide the necessary expertise.

3D scanning is not just an advanced device or technology. It is an ongoing process aimed at better meeting the needs of the Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC).


Change the project development for the owner or the investor, from a painful process that most times misses its core objectives, to a safe and pleasant journey that meets the three parameters of success:

Schedule, Budget and Quality compliance


We want to be an innovative hybrid company able to focus on both professional efficiency and environmental and social impact. We do not only seek to do well, but also to be good.


Transparency is our core principal in the complex project development ecosystem.

In addition we put client’s interest first and do anything to achieve common agreed milestones through stable collaborations with the best stakeholders in the market.